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Nicolas de Florence
Italian, died 1499
Nicolas of Florence
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Nicolas of Florence (d. 1499) was the son-in-law of Louis Lepère (active 1456-1500), who was an officer of the goldsmiths guild of Lyon in 1473, 1480, 1490, and 1493. Nicolas and Jean Lepère (died c. 1534/37), Louis' eldest son, both worked in the family goldsmith's business. Besides the medal of Charles VIII and Anne of Britanny (in both struck and cast versions; NGA 1957.14.1121.a,b is an example of the struck version), a medal of the Archbishop Charles of Bourbon of Lyon is attributed to them. As a goldsmith Jean Lepère produced the gold cup and lion containing medals presented to Louis XII and Anne of Britanny in 1494.

[This is the biography published in the NGA systematic catalogue.]

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