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American, active mid 19th century
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The early references to the National Gallery's painting Mounting of the Guard (1955.11.3) state that it was signed "Redpath," but this signature is no longer evident. The painting had been lined prior to its acquisition by the Gallery, and the signature may have been obscured by the lining canvas and destroyed upon its removal. In the 1940s Harry Stone Gallery in New York possessed another river view clearly by this hand and recorded as bearing the same signature. Although several Redpaths have been located in New York State census records, none can be identified as artists. The Redpath who painted the National Gallery's painting is considered to have been active in the mid-nineteenth century. [This is an edited version of the artist's biography published, or to be published, in the NGA Systematic Catalogue]

Chotner, Deborah, with contributions by Julie Aronson, Sarah D. Cash, and Laurie Weitzenkorn. American Naive Paintings. The Collections of the National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogue. Washington, D.C., 1992: 319.

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