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Austrian Drawings and Prints

February 20 – March 20, 1955
Main Floor, Galleries 35, 35A, 41, 41A

This exhibition is no longer on view at the National Gallery.

Overview: 88 drawings and 28 prints were on view from the Albertina Museum in Vienna, the first exhibition of its kind to come to the United States. Otto Benesch, director of the Albertina, made the selection. The graphics dated from the 15th to the beginning of the 20th century and included one drawing by the Empress Maria Theresa. The loan exhibition, sponsored by the Austrian government, was circulated by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service to 9 other museums for a period of one year.

Catalog: Austrian Drawings and Prints from the Albertina, Vienna, text by Otto Benesch, catalogue compiled by Eckhart Knab. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, 1955.

Other Venues: Minneapolis Institute of Arts, April 3–April 24, 1955
J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky, May 8–May 31, 1955
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, June 15–July 15, 1955
[press release lists as "TBA"], July 29–August 28, 1955
William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art, Kansas City, Missouri, September 11–October 2, 1955
Seattle Art Museum, October 12–November 6, 1955
Marion Koogler McNay Art Institute, San Antonio, Texas, November 20–December 18, 1955
George Thomas Hunter Gallery of Art, Chattanooga, Tennesse, January 1–January 22, 1956
[press release lists as "TBA"], February 5–February 26, 1956