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The Sculpture of India: 3000 B.C.-1300 A.D.

May 5 – September 2, 1985
East Building, Upper Level, West Bridge (10,000 sq. ft.)

Installation view of The Sculpture of India: 3000 B.C.-1300 A.D., National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Gallery Archives

This exhibition is no longer on view at the National Gallery.

Overview: 104 works in stone, ivory, and bronze were selected for this survey of early Indian sculpture by Pramod Chandra of Harvard University. 2 recently discovered pillars were added on June 12, on the occasion of the visit of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The exhibition inaugurated the Festival of India, a series of artistic events across the United States in 1985-1986 illuminating the history and culture of India.

Organization: Gaillard Ravenel and Mark Leithauser designed the installation in 4 sections, and Gordon Anson designed the lighting. D. Dodge Thompson was the coordinator.

Sponsor: The exhibition was supported by the Hinduja Foundation, the Boeing Company, the Coca-Cola Foundation, the General Foods Fund, ITT Corporation, Lockheed Corporation, Roland International Corporation, Varian Associated, and Wyeth Laboratories.

Attendance: 263,674

Catalog: The Sculpture of India: 3000 B.C.-1300 A.D., by Pramod Chandra. Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art, 1985.

Download a free PDF of the exhibition catalog (PDF 42.77MB)