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The Baroque Woodcut

October 28, 2007 – March 30, 2008
West Building, Ground Floor, Outer Tier Galleries G23, G24, G25

Christoffel Jegher after Sir Peter Paul Rubens, The Infant Christ and Saint John Playing with the Lamb, woodcut, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund, 1971.70.2

This exhibition is no longer on view at the National Gallery.

Overview: 77 woodcuts, primarily from the collection of the National Gallery of Art, were presented in this exhibition of woodcuts of the 16th and 17th centuries. Included were works by artists Domenico Beccafumi, Giuseppe Scolari, and Jan Lievens as well as woodcuts resulting from a close collaboration between painters and woodblock cutters, such as prints created by Christoffel Jegher in association with Peter Paul Rubens and by Bartolomeo Coriolano in association with Guido Reni.

Organization: The exhibition was organized by the National Gallery of Art, Washington. Peter Parshall, curator and head of the department of old master prints, was the exhibition curator.

Sponsor: The exhibition was supported by the Thaw Charitable Trust.

Attendance: 64,001

Beccafumi, Domenico
Italian, 1485 - 1551
Scolari, Giuseppe
Italian, 1564 - 1625
Lievens, Jan
Dutch, 1607 - 1674
Jegher, Christoffel
Flemish, 1596 - 1653
Rubens, Peter Paul, Sir
Flemish, 1577 - 1640
Coriolano, Bartolomeo
Italian, 1573 - 1687
Reni, Guido
Italian, 1575 - 1642
The Baroque Woodcut: Carving a Niche
Audio, Released: December 11, 2007, (7:13 minutes)
The Baroque Woodcut
Audio, Released: October 23, 2007, (56:26 minutes)