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Stanley William Hayter: From Surrealism to Abstraction

May 31 – August 23, 2009
West Building, Ground Floor, Outer Tier Galleries G28 and G29

Stanley William Hayter, Centauresse, 1944, engraving and softground etching with stencil inking, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund, 1971.73.5

This exhibition is no longer on view at the National Gallery.

Overview: 56 prints, portfolios, and a drawing by English artist Stanley William Hayter and by artists who worked in Hayter's print workshop, Atelier 17, were on view in the exhibition. Hayter opened Atelier 17 in Paris in 1927 and reestablished the workshop in lower Manhattan during World War II. Jackson Pollock, Alberto Giacometti, and André Masson were among the artists who worked there. Works on view were from the collection of the National Gallery of Art, augmented by loans from the collection of Ruth Cole Kainen and other museums.

Three archival films on Hayter's life were shown during July.

Organization: The exhibition was organized by the National Gallery of Art. Curators were Judith Brodie, curator and head of the department of modern prints and drawings, and Amy Johnston, assistant curator.

Attendance: 45,035

Stanley William Hayter: From Surrealism to Abstraction
Audio, Released: June 16, 2009, (8:22 minutes)