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American Masterworks from the Corcoran, 1815-1940

February 6 – May 3, 2015
West Building, Main Floor, Northeast Galleries

Frederic Edwin Church, Niagara, 1857, National Gallery of Art, Corcoran Collection (Museum Purchase, Gallery Fund), 2014.79.10

This exhibition is no longer on view at the National Gallery.

Overview:  In 2014 the National Gallery of Art assumed stewardship of the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s renowned collection of paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, prints, drawings, and photographs. Two installations featuring highlights from the Corcoran collection are on view in the West Building through May 3, 2015. On the main floor, 29 American paintings and two sculptures have been installed in two galleries prior to the integration of works from the Corcoran into the permanent collection. A number of celebrated paintings are included: Frederic Edwin Church’s Niagara, Albert Bierstadt’s The Last of the Buffalo, Sanford Robinson Gifford’s Ruins of the Parthenon, Samuel F. B. Morse’s The House of Representatives, Edward Hopper’s Ground Swell, and Aaron Douglas’s Into Bondage. One of the most famous sculptures of the 19th century, Hiram Powers’s The Greek Slave, is on view in the first room of the installation. Frederic Remington’s bronze sculpture, Off the Range (Coming Through the Rye), a lively depiction of cowboy revelry, anchors the second room in which Bierstadt’s Buffalo Trail: The Impending Storm and Mount Corcoran are also on view.

Attendance: 106,283

Samuel F. B. Morse
The House of Representatives
1822, probably reworked 1823
William Sidney Mount
The Tough Story - Scene in a Country Tavern
Thomas Cole
The Departure
Richard Caton Woodville
Waiting for the Stage
Abbott Handerson Thayer
Mount Monadnock
probably 1911/1914
Cecilia Beaux
Sita and Sarita
c. 1921
Aaron Douglas
Into Bondage
Edward Hopper
Ground Swell
George Peter Alexander Healy
Abraham Lincoln
Alfred Jacob Miller
Election Scene, Catonsville, Baltimore County
c. 1860
John La Farge
Flowers on a Window Ledge
c. 1861
Theodore Robinson
The Valley of the Seine, from the Hills of Giverny
Charles Bird King
Poor Artist's Cupboard
c. 1815
George Bellows
Forty-two Kids
Thomas Eakins
Singing a Pathetic Song
Hiram Powers
The Greek Slave
model 1841-1843, carved 1846
Marsden Hartley
Berlin Abstraction
Albert Bierstadt
Mount Corcoran
c. 1876-1877
Albert Bierstadt
The Last of the Buffalo
Albert Bierstadt
Buffalo Trail: The Impending Storm
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Ruins of the Parthenon
Frederic Edwin Church
Frederic Edwin Church
Tamaca Palms
John Singer Sargent
En route pour la pêche (Setting Out to Fish)
John Singer Sargent
Simplon Pass
Frederic Remington
Off the Range (Coming Through the Rye)
model 1902, cast 1903
American Journeys: Visions of Place
Video, Released: April 28, 2015, (7:59 minutes)