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In the Library: Companion Pieces
April 24 – August 25, 2017
Library Atrium

John Cage with David Tudor present a performance of Variations IV at the Feigen/Palmer Gallery, 1963, invitation, National Gallery of Art Library, Vertical Files

This exhibition is no longer on view at the National Gallery.

Contemporary art movements such as conceptual art, performance art, and minimalism emphasized ideas, experience, and process over the tangible artwork; thus, related printed documents often provided the only evidence of a work’s existence. From the Library’s vertical files, this selection of documents accompanied such ephemeral works and, among other functions, accessorized a performance piece, such as John Cage’s Variations IV; invited participation in the art-making process itself, such as Alan Kaprow’s happenings posters; and provided schema for the execution of a work, such as Dan Graham’s Performance.

The installation is curated by Anne H. Simmons, reference librarian for vertical files and microforms, department of library reader services, National Gallery of Art, and is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Organization: Organized by the National Gallery of Art, Washington

Passes: Admission is always free and passes are not required