with V&A Curator
Paul Greenhalgh

with Chief of Exhibitions
D. Dodge Thompson

to Art Nouveau,

of Art Nouveau Period

Audio Tour
of Selected
Art Nouveau Objects

with Chief of Design
Mark Leithauser

Photo Essay
on Use of Maquettes
in Exhibition Design

of Production of the
Art Nouveau Exhibition

Photo Essay
on Recreation of the Riemerschmid Frieze

Production Trivia

Time-Lapse Movie
of Construction of
the Paris Room


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This Web feature offers a glimpse behind the scenes during the planning and construction of an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art. Art Nouveau,1890-1914, the largest and most comprehensive exhibition on the subject ever organized, presents one of the most innovative and exuberant of all modern art styles and the places where it flourished. The exhibition is on view at the Gallery October 8, 2000, through January 28, 2001.

•An introduction to the exhibition traces the historical roots of the the Art Nouveau style.

•Conversations with the V&A Curator, Chief of Exhibitions, and Chief of Design help define the intellectual framework that informed the selection of objects and the design of the galleries that house them.

•Two photo essays highlight the technical skill of the craftspeople who design and build the exhibition spaces.

•Two timelines provide historical context for the Art Nouveau period and illustrate the exhibition production process.

•A time-lapse movie compresses three months of exhibition construction into a ten-second slide show.

•A production trivia section reveals many little-known facts about the Art Nouveau installation.

•A streaming audio tour focuses on fifteen works in the exhibition.

Technical Requirements

Technical Note
Resize your browser window to maximum width and height to ensure proper display.

Recommended font size for Macintosh users is the standard browser font setting of Times 12 or "medium." Windows users should set the font preference to Times 10 or "smaller" to preserve the intended page layout.

To view the Art Nouveau time-lapse movie you will need Apple's QuickTime software. Follow the directions on the Apple site for installation.

Audio Segments
Audio segments are from the recording made for the exhibition (© 2000 Acoustiguide Corporation and National Gallery of Art). To listen to the audio files, click on the RealAudio icon when it appears with an object:

Narrations are by Earl A. Powell III, director of the National Gallery of Art, and Art Nouveau curator Paul Greenhalgh, Head of Research, Victoria and Albert Museum.

To access the RealAudio segments, you must download RealPlayer from the RealNetworks Web site. Download the version appropriate to the platform you are using (Macintosh or Windows). Follow the directions on the RealNetworks site for installation.



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