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German Expressionist Prints


In 1905 a group of young artists banded together to form Die Brücke, a movement dedicated to revitalizing German art. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, one of the group's founders and leaders, is the subject of part one of this program; part two surveys prints by some of the other Die Brücke artists, including Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, and Emil Nolde. The works exemplify Die Brücke's breadth. The artists' common concern for directness, freedom, and authenticity of expression is revealed in intense and sensuous images, often of the female nude.

The German Expressionist Prints loan packet includes:

  • a 16-page booklet
  • an image CD
  • an audiocassette (47 mins.).

German Expressionist Prints
(PDF 2.7MB, 26 pages)

This file is in PDF format and requires Adobe Reader.