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CASVA's resident community of international scholars consists of the Kress-Beinecke Professor, the Andrew W. Mellon Professor, the Edmond J. Safra Visiting Professor, the A. W. Mellon Lecturer in the Fine Arts, and approximately 18 fellows at any one time, including senior fellows, visiting senior fellows, guest scholars, research associates, a postdoctoral fellow, and predoctoral fellows. In addition, CASVA supports approximately 15 predoctoral fellows who are conducting research both in the United States and abroad.

Members of the Center, 2018 – 2019


© 2013 MMA
photographed by
Jackie Neale Chadwick 

Kress-Beinecke Professor
Maryan W. Ainsworth

The Metropolitan Museum of Art



© Todd Cheney 

Andrew W. Mellon Professor
Steven Nelson
University of California, Los Angeles 


© Duke Photography 

Edmond J. Safra Visiting Professor
Richard J. Powell

Duke University


Senior Fellows

Benjamin Anderson, Cornell University
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellow, spring 2019
The Tragic Image: Fate and Form from Byzantium to the Baroque

Matthew Biro, University of Michigan
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellow, fall 2018
Robert Heinecken: Gender, Sexuality, and Consumption through a Photographic Lens

C. Jean Campbell, Emory University
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, 2018 – 2019
Pisanello's Parerga: Knowledge and Imitative Practice in Fifteenth-Century Italy

Michelle Foa, Tulane University
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow, 2018 – 2019
The Matter of Degas: Art and Materiality in Later Nineteenth-Century Paris

David O'Brien, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Paul Mellon Senior Fellow, 2018 – 2019
The Cult of Napoleon in French Visual Culture, 1815–1848 

J.P. Park, University of California, Riverside
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellow, 2018 – 2019
Presence in Absence: Documents, Forgeries, and Myth-Making in Early Modern Chinese Art

Jennifer Van Horn, University of Delaware
William C. Seitz Senior Fellow, 2018 – 2019
Resisting the Art of Enslavement: Slavery and American Art, 1720–1890

Visiting Senior Fellows

Adrienne L. Childs, The Phillips Collection and The Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, Harvard University
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, November 1 – December 31, 2018
Riffs and Relations: African American Artists and the European Modernist Tradition

Ilia Doronchenkov, European University at St. Petersburg
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, January 2 – February 28, 2019
Western Art Exhibitions in 1890s Russia Reconstructed

Linda Goddard, University of St. Andrews
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, September 1 – October 31, 2018
Savage Tales: The Writings of Paul Gauguin

Branden W. Joseph, Columbia University
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, March 1 – April 30, 2019
Forms of Life: Kathy Acker, Jack Smith, Lee Lozano, and Carolee Schneemann

Karen Lang, University of Oxford
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, May 1 – June 30, 2019
Phillip Guston and the Allegory of Painting

Julie L. McGee, University of Delaware
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, January 2 – February 28, 2019
Sam Middleton: An American Artist in Holland, a Transnational Existence

Freeborn O. Odiboh, University of Benin
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, March 1 – April 30, 2019
The “Mysterious” Realist Paintings of Andrew Wyeth and Abayomi Barber: Cross-Cultural Dialogue

April Oettinger, Goucher College
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, June 15 – August 15, 2019
Animating Nature: Lorenzo Lotto and the Sublime Turn in Venetian Landscape Art, 1500–1550

John Ott, James Madison University
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, May 1 – June 30, 2019
Mixed Media: The Visual Cultures of Racial Integration, 1931–1954

Elisabeth Oy-Marra, Institut für Kunstgeschichte und Musikwissenschaften, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, June 15 – August 15, 2019
Techniques of “Autopsy”: The Role of the Graphic Copy in the Emergence of a Science of Art in Late Seventeenth-Century Rome

Jerry Philogene, Dickinson College
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, June 15 – August 15, 2019
Beyond Vodou Iconography: Luce Turnier, a Feminist Modernist in Haiti

Nino Simonishvili, Tbilisi, Georgia
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellow, September 1 – October 31, 2018
Wölfflin’s Art History in Stalin’s Home

Martha Wolff, formerly The Art Institute of Chicago
Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, November 1 – December 31, 2018
The Embroidered Altarpiece Made for Bishop Pedro de Montoya: The History, Function, and Stature of a Luxury Textile

A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Rachel Grace Newman
A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018 – 2020
The Sugar Plantation, The Transatlantic Slave Trade, and Modernity

Research Associates

Stefan Albl
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Carlo Cesare Malvasia's Felsina pittrice
Painting in Milan in the Seventeenth Century

Alexander Brey
Postdoctoral Research Associate 
History of Early American Landscape Design (HEALD)
The Caliph's Prey: Hunting in the Visual Cultures of the Umayyad Empire

Megan Driscoll
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Andrew W. Mellon Professor and Edmond J. Safra Visiting Professor
Art on the Internet and the Digital Public Sphere, 1994–2003

Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati
Robert H. Smith Postdoctoral Research Associate
Digital Projects
Visual Harmonies: Music, Art, and Identity in the Western Greek Colonies

Tiffany A. Racco
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Carlo Cesare Malvasia's Felsina pittrice and Kress-Beinecke Professor
Luca Giordano: Speed, Imitation, and the Art of Fame

Eric Hupe
Postdoctoral Research Associate
The Early History of the Accademia di San Luca, c. 15901635
Bellini’s Light: Art, Optics, and Theology in Renaissance Venice

Predoctoral Dissertation Fellows

Predoctoral Fellows (in residence)

Ravinder S. Binning [Stanford University]
Paul Mellon Fellow, 2016 – 2019
The Medieval Art of Fear: Christ Pantokrator after Iconoclasm

Ashley Dimmig [University of Michigan]
Ittleson Fellow, 2017 – 2019
Making Modernity in Fabric Architecture: Imperial Tents in the Late Ottoman Period

Michele L. Frederick [University of Delaware]
Samuel H. Kress Fellow, 2017 – 2019
Shaping the Royal Image: Gerrit van Honthorst and the Stuart Courts in London and The Hague

Ximena A. Gómez [University of Michigan]
Twenty-Four-Month Chester Dale Fellow, 2017 – 2019
Nuestra Señora: Confraternal Art and Identity in Early Colonial Lima

Andrew P. Griebeler [University of California, Berkeley]
David E. Finley Fellow, 2016 – 2019
The Byzantine Illustrated Herbal and Its Use in the Transmission and Transformation of Botanical Knowledge, from Antiquity to the Modern Era

Annika K. Johnson [University of Pittsburgh]
Wyeth Fellow, 2017 – 2019
Agency at the Confluence of Euro-American and Eastern Dakota Art, 1835–1900

Lauren Taylor [University of California, Los Angeles]
Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, 2017 – 2019
The Art of Diplomacy in Dakar: The International Politics of Display at the 1966 Premier Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres

Predoctoral Fellows (not in residence)

Rachel E. Boyd [Columbia University]
David E. Finley Fellow, 2017 2020
Experimentation and Specialization: The Glazed Terracotta Sculpture of the Della Robbia Workshop, c. 1430–1550

Alicia Caticha [University of Virginia]
Twenty-Four-Month Chester Dale Fellow, 2018 – 2020 
Étienne-Maurice Falconet and the Matter of Sculpture: Marble, Porcelain, and Sugar in Eighteenth-Century Paris  

Thadeus Dowad [University of California, Berkeley]
Paul Mellon Fellow, 2018 – 2021
Border Regimes: European Art and Ottoman Modernity, 1789–1839

Suzanne T. Duff [Brown University]
Robert H. and Clarice Smith Fellow, 2018 – 2019
The Antwerp Saint Luke's Guild: Its Impact on Artistic Production and Identity, 1556–1663

Samuel Luterbacher [Yale University]
Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, 2018 – 2020
Adrift: Portable Objects between Iberia and Japan

Julia Oswald [Northwestern University]
Samuel H. Kress Fellow, 2018 – 2020
The Visual Rhetoric of the Relic Treasury, 1100–1600 

James Pilgrim [Johns Hopkins University]

Paul Mellon Fellow, 2017 – 2020
Jacopo Bassano and the Ecology of Painting

Miriam K. Said [University of California, Berkeley]
Ittleson Fellow, 2018 – 2020
Materializing Apotropaia: The Power of the Distributed Body in Neo-Assyrian Ritual Arts, Ninth–Seventh Century BCE

Andrew Sears [University of California, Berkeley]
David E. Finley Fellow, 2018 – 2021
The Sacred and the Market: Reliquaries and Urbanism in Medieval Cologne

Michelle Smiley [Bryn Mawr College]
Wyeth Fellow, 2018 – 2020
Becoming Photography: The American Development of a Medium

Stephanie E. Triplett [University of Michigan]
Twelve-Month Chester Dale Fellow, 2018 – 2019
Romanticism, Realism, and the Rise of Narrative Animal Painting in France and Germany, 1790–1880

Ailsa Mellon Bruce Predoctoral Fellowships for Historians of American Art to Travel Abroad

Alicia L. Harris (Assiniboine) [University of Oklahoma]
Emily M. Mazzola [University of Pittsburgh]
Ana Cristina Perry [Graduate Center of the City University of New York]

Vanessa Reubendale [University of Minnesota, Twin Cities]

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