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Members' Presentations, Spring 2017


January 5, 2017
David Young Kim
Paul Mellon Senior Fellow
Groundwork: The Problem of the Background in the Renaissance Picture

February 23, 2017
Giancarla Periti
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow
Correggio: Borders, Frames and the Center of Painting

March 23, 2017
Claudia Bolgia
Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellow
The “Long” Trecento: Rome without the Popes, c. 1305‒1420

April 20, 2017
Hagi Kenaan
William C. Seitz Senior Fellow
Photography and the Disappearance of the Shadow


January 19, 2017
Seth Estrin
Paul Mellon Predoctoral Fellow
Forms of Grief in Classical Attic Funerary Sculpture

January 30, 2017
Michelle McCoy
Ittleson Predoctoral Fellow
Parallel World-Making: Art, Astrology, and Buddhism in Liao-Yuan China and Inner Asia

February 6, 2017
Leslie Wilson
Twenty-Four-Month Chester Dale Predoctoral Fellow
In the Time of Color: David Goldblatt’s Intersections

March 2, 2017
Michael Kubo
Wyeth Predoctoral Fellow
Architecture Incorporated: Collaboration, Authorship, and Anonymity in Postwar Modernism

March 9, 2017
Denva Jackson
Samuel H. Kress Predoctoral Fellow
Succession, Tradition, and Continuity: Charting Past to Present in the Morgan Library’s
Vitae patrum (NY, P. Morgan Library, M. 626)