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Credits and Acknowledgments


This project was funded by the Getty Foundation as part of its Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative (OSCI). Additional support for Dutch Paintings of the Seventeenth Century NGA Online Edition was provided by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and Linda Kaufman.

At the National Gallery of Art

    Earl A. Powell III, director

    Franklin Kelly, deputy director and chief curator

Curatorial and Curatorial Records  

    Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., Jennifer Henel, Henriette Rahusen, Anne Halpern

Publishing / NGA Online Editions

    Judy Metro, Sally Bourrie, Karen Sagstetter, Chris Vogel, Lisa Wainwright

Technical Services

    Laszlo Zeke, Neal Johnson

Web Production

    John Gordy, G. Memo Saenz, Carolyn Campbell

Painting Conservation

    Joanna Dunn

Imaging Services

    Peter Dueker

Special thanks to Charles Alers, Ira Bartfield, David Beaudet, Barbara Berrie, Barbara Christen, Carol Christensen, Elizabeth Concha, Damon Conover, John Delaney, Kathryn Dooley, Susan Farr, Susan Finkel, Sarah Fisher, Ric Foster, Joan Ganzevoort, Melanie Gifford, Anabeth Guthrie, Jay Krueger, Douglas Lachance, Alexandra Libby, John Long, Jaime Lowe, Katherine Mayo, Magda Nakassis, Alan Newman, Rachel Pollack, Svetlana Reznikov-Velkovsky, Wendy Schleicher, Linda Stone, Michael Swicklik, Caroline Weaver, Greg Williams, Barbara Wood, Caitlin Woolsey, Nancy Yeide, and Deborah Ziska

Outside Collaborators

User Experience   Design for Context, Bethesda, MD

Graphic Design     TOKY Inc., St. Louis, MO


Writing the catalog of this outstanding collection of Dutch paintings is one of my great joys as curator. It is a privilege and learning experience to spend time with the nation’s treasures, to examine them in the laboratory, to observe them on loan in relationship to other works, to discuss them with a friend, a student, or a colleague, and to see them through new eyes. They never fail to provide new possibilities for discovery and understanding—the learning never ends.

Guiding this catalog and exploring the opportunities offered by the online format has been an adventure into a world that was at first as unfamiliar to me as I suspect the seventeenth-century Netherlands can be for the general public. I am enormously grateful to the Getty Foundation for including the National Gallery of Art in its groundbreaking Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative (OSCI) and allowing us to embark on this digital adventure with eight other museums. We have benefitted greatly from the shared ideas of our OSCI colleagues worldwide as we determined the tools and experiences that suited our collection and our institution.

The breadth of skills and talents required to bring this catalog to your screen has been enormous, and I am grateful to all those who made Dutch Paintings of the Seventeenth Century possible. I wish to thank, in particular, Judy Metro, editor-in-chief, who has supported this project from its inception; Karen Sagstetter, former senior editor for the permanent collection, who, until her retirement in 2012, led the initial efforts to transform a printed catalog into an online publication; and Jennifer Henel, who, with extraordinary dedication and great skill, has subsequently guided the project to its successful conclusion.

Lastly, I would like to express my appreciation to my wife, Perry, as well as Tobey, Laura, Matthew, Sarah and Louisa, for ways in which they listened, shared their ideas, and encouraged me over the years.

   Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.

   April 24, 2014