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This project was generously funded by the Henry Luce Foundation.

Credits, Online Edition

National Gallery of Art (current and former staff)

Kaywin Feldman, director
Earl A. Powell III, director emeritus
Franklin Kelly, deputy director and chief curator

Curatorial, American and British Paintings
Nancy Anderson, Charles Brock

Curatorial, Photographs
Andrea Coffman, Katie Cornell, Anne Davis, Sarah Greenough, Mark Levitch, Amanda Summerlin, Diane Waggoner

Deputy Director
Nancy Deiss, Elizabeth Pochter, Kerry Wallin

Kate Conrad, Patricia Donovan, Christine Myers

Imaging and Visual Services
Debbie Adenan, Joseph Campbell, Rebecca Clews, Peter Dueker, Lorene Emerson, Rebecca Gates, Katherine Mayo, Alan Newman, Barbara Wood, Tricia Zigmund

Office of the Registrar
Elizabeth Concha, Sue Finkel, Michelle Fondas

Photograph Conservation
Courtney Helion, Constance McCabe, Ronel Namde, Merv Richard, Sarah S. Wagner

Publishing Office
Jaime Lowe, Melanie Lukas, Judy Metro, Wendy Schleicher, Mariah Shay, Lisa Shea, Emiko K. Usui, Chris Vogel, Ingrid Yeung, Emily Zoss

Scientific Research
Barbara Berrie, Joan M. Walker

Secretary and General Counsel
Nancy Breuer, Lakshmi Mohandas, Julian Saenz, Lauren Wheeler

Technology Solutions
Charles Alers, David Beaudet, Eli Bhattacharyya, Kate Blackwell, Lucy Patterson, Cindy Peng, Linda Stone, Laszlo Zeke

Carolyn Campbell, Peter Dueker, John Gordy, Alan Manton, G. Memo Saenz

Beyond the Gallery

Kerry Folan (proofreader)
Magda Nakassis (copyeditor)
Amanda Sparrow (proofreader)