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Lifetime Exhibitions Index

Alfred Stieglitz Lifetime Exhibition: 1891, Hartford

“Exhibition of Pictures: The Work of Mr. Robinson, Mr. Stieglitz, Mr. Leaming, and Mr. Pancost” (organized by The Camera Club of Hartford), 24–28 February 1891


Shows “studies taken on Orthochromatic plates and printed in platinum”

Works Exhibited

65 Signs of Spring (Munich)
66 Lago di Misurina (The Tyrol)
67 Murren (Switzerland)
68 Study in Interlaken, Switzerland
69 Cortina
70 Before the Inn (Near Vienna)
71 Returned (Photographed in Venice)
72 In the Tyrol
73 Maria (Bellagio, Lake Como)
74 Little Innocence (Vienna)
75 Biarritz (France)
76 Study in Light and Shade
77 Prof. Vogel (of Vienna)
78 Cortina
79 Weary (Near Vienna)
80 At Lake Como
81 Before the Smithy’s (The Tyrol)
82 At the Well (Vienna)
83 Biarritz (France)
84 Sterzing (The Tyrol)
85 Marina (Venice), Outdoor Study of Head