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Alfred Stieglitz Lifetime Exhibition: 1891, New York

The American Institute, “Sixtieth Grand National Industrial Exposition of the American Institute, including the Annual Exhibition of the New York Society of Amateur Photographers,” 30 September–28 November


Wins “medal of excellence” in landscape division for Cortina

Works Exhibited

218 Weary (platinotype)
219 Before the Wayside Inn (platinotype)
220 Cortina (platinotype)
221 Signs of Spring (platinotype)
222 At the Well (platinotype)
223 Study in Light and Shade (sepiatype)
224 Little Innocence (platinotype)
225 Prof. Vogel (platinotype)
226 Study Head of Miss M. F. (in open air) (Aristotype)
227 Cloud Study in Biarritz (platinotype)
228 Stones of Venice (platinotype)
229 Loading Hay, Ampezzo Valley (platinotype)
230 Returned (platinotype)
231 Light House at Biarritz (platinotype)
232 Gardening (platinotype)
233 Sunlight Effect (sepiatype)
234 Before the Smithy’s (platinotype)
235 Study in Grey (platinotype)
236 Study Head (platinotype)
237 A Good Joke (Aristotype)
238 Leone (Aristotype)
239 Maria (Aristotype)
240 Meditation (Aristotype)
241 Chioggia (Aristotype)
242 Portrait of an Italian Laborer (Aristotype)

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