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Lifetime Exhibitions Index

Alfred Stieglitz Lifetime Exhibition: 1896, London

Dudley Gallery, “Fourth Exhibition of the Photographic Salon” (organized by The Linked Ring), 24 September–7 November

Works Exhibited

50 Portrait (Mr. Randolph)
258 Gossip (Katwyk Beach)
262 Watching for the Return
280 A Wet Night

Select Reviews

“The Photographic Salon,” The British Journal of Photography 43 (2 October 1896), 632–633

Hugh L. Cameron, “The ‘Royal’ and Salon Exhibitions,” The American Amateur Photographer 8:11 (November 1896), 473–478

Hector MacLean, “The Two Chief Photographic Exhibitions of the Year. II—The Salon,” The Photographic Times 29:1 (January 1897), 69–76