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Alfred Stieglitz Lifetime Exhibition: 1897, London

The Gallery of the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours, Pall Mall, “Forty-second Annual Exhibition” (organized by the Royal Photographic Society), 27 September–13 November


A Portrait Study (no. 68) is reproduced in the catalogue

Works Exhibited

68 A Portrait Study (platinum)
87 Going to Pasture (carbon)
94 The Plaza at Night, New York (carbon)
223 A Venetian Canal (carbon)
283 Snow and Sky (carbon)
440 Forty-two Lantern Slides:
Snow and Sky
A Winter Impression
Foreground Snow Study
A Winter Watering Place
A Winter Sky
A Winter Landscape
The Terminus
Winter—Fifth Avenue I
Winter—Fifth Avenue II
Haze after Rain, Switzerland
The Jungfrau from Interlaken
The Jungfrau Group from Mürren
My Father—Non Studio Portrait
Venezia—Out-door Portrait
At the Well, Venice
St. Paolo, Venice
A Venetian Doorway
A Street in Sterzing, The Tyrol
A Nook in Tallanza [sic]
An Impression
A Wet Day on the Boulevard
Study for a Picture
A Dutch Girl
A Study
In the Fields
Early Morn
Scurrying Home
Venetian Gamins
Venetian Bit
Venetian Canal
Wave Study, Mid-Ocean
A Passing Cloud
Lake Thun—before a Storm
*Going to Pasture
*Grindelwald Glacier
*Another Venetian Bit
A Rainy Night
Nine p.m.
The Glow of Night

*These slides represent Experiments in Local Toning

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