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Alfred Stieglitz Lifetime Exhibition: 1897, New York

Knickerbocker Athletic Club Theatre, “Pictorial Photography: Exhibition of Lantern Slides by Members of the Camera Club, New York,” 21 April

Works Exhibited

The Passing Cloud
Isaak Walton and Friend
The Monitor of the Bait
A Decorative Landscape
The Jungfrau, from Mürren
The Jungfrau, from Interlaken
Lake Garda, Italy
Grindelwald Glacier, Switzerland
Detail of Grindelwald Glacier
The Beach at Katwyk, Holland
A Wave Study, Mid-Ocean
The Beach at Arverne
Stones of Venice
At the Well
A Venetian Fountain
A Venetian Street
A Bit of Venice
The Old Mill, Gutach
A Luminous Rain, Paris
The Approaching Storm
After the Storm
Snow Tracks
The Frozen Lake
A Foreground Study
Street in Sterzing (after Jos. Obermeyer)
The Terminus
Fifth Avenue
The Picturesqueness of Smoke
An Admirer of the Beautiful
Going to Pasture
The Wanderer’s Return
A Dutch Girl
The Letter Box
The Card Players
Portrait, My Father
Ideal Head (after Chas. I. Berg)
A Pose (after Chas. I. Berg)
The Morning of Life (after Chas. I. Berg)
Night, an Allegorical Figure (after Chas. I. Berg)
The Reapers
The Hour of Prayer
In the Studio
A Wet Day on the Boulevard
The Meeting of Day and Night
Moonlight Effect
The Glow of Night
The Plaza
A Rainy Night
Night, An Ideal (after Chas. I. Berg)

Select Reviews

“Society News: The New York Camera Club: Pictorial Photography, Exhibition of Lantern Slides, April 21, 1897,” The American Amateur Photographer 9:5 (May 1897), 233–235