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Alfred Stieglitz Lifetime Exhibition: 1898, New York

The National Academy of Design, “The Photographic Section—American Institute in Connection with the 67th Annual Fair at the National Academy of Design,” 26 September–8 October


Wins gold medal in “Champion” class for Scurrying Home; silver medal in “Champion Lantern Slide” class; silver medal in “Genre” class for The Letter Box; silver medal in “Landscapes, Seascapes and Marine Subjects” class for Katwyk Dunes; and bronze medal in “Portraits and Groups” class for Prof. W.

Works Exhibited

50 Portrait Mr. R.
53 Prof. W.
70 Mrs. H.
84 Portrait of a Child
131 Winter—5th Ave.
140 Mending Nets
148 Scurrying Home
149 My Father
152 Decorative Panel
168 A Wet Day on the Boulevard
184 The Letter-Box
187 Gossip, Katwyk
258 Snow: A Foreground Study
263 Katwyk Dunes
274 Reflections—Venice
291 Snow
293 Old Mill
and 12 lantern slides

Select Reviews

“The 1898 American Institute Exhibition of Photographs.” The American Amateur Photographer 10:10 (October 1898), 456–462

Sadakichi Hartmann, “A Walk Through the Exhibition of the Photographic Section of the American Institute,” Camera Notes 2:3 (January 1899), 86–89