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Alfred Stieglitz Lifetime Exhibition: 1902, Leeds, England

The City Art Gallery, “Fifteenth Annual Exhibition of Pictures” (sponsored by the Yorkshire Union of Artists), 15 October 1902–3 January 1903

Works Exhibited

611 The Hand of Man
616 Spring
624 Icy Night
652 Gossip, Katwyk

Select Reviews

“Photographs at the Yorkshire Union of Artists Exhibition,” The Amateur Photographer 36 (16 October 1902), 303

  • Alfred Stieglitz
    carbon print
    Key Set Number 208
  • Alfred Stieglitz
    An Icy Night
    carbon print
    Key Set Number 257
  • Alfred Stieglitz
    Spring—The Child
    1901, printed 1903/1904
    Key Set Number 273
  • Alfred Stieglitz (editor/publisher) after Various Artists
    Alfred Stieglitz
    The Hand of Man
    1902, printed 1903
    Key Set Number 277