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Alfred Stieglitz Lifetime Exhibition: 1903, Brussels

Galeries de la Société Royale La Grande Harmonie, “L’Effort—Cercle D’Art Photographique, Troisième Salon,” 20 June–5 July (includes loan collection of the Photo-Secession)

Works Exhibited

433 The Hand of Man
434 Watching for the Return
435 Early Morn
436 September

Select Reviews

“Photo-Secession Notes: The Paris Salon and ‘L’Effort,’ of Brussels,” Camera Work 4 (October 1903), 56

Hugo Müller, “Ausländische Rundschau: Internationalen Salon der Association Belge/Cercle l’Effort in Brüssel,” Photographische Rundschau 17 (1903), 245–247

  • Alfred Stieglitz
    Early Morn
    1894, printed 1895/1896
    platinum print
    Key Set Number 194
  • Alfred Stieglitz
    Watching for the Return
    carbon print
    Key Set Number 224
  • Alfred Stieglitz (editor/publisher) after Various Artists
    Alfred Stieglitz
    probably 1897, printed 1905
    Key Set Number 250
  • Alfred Stieglitz (editor/publisher) after Various Artists
    Alfred Stieglitz
    The Hand of Man
    1902, printed 1903
    Key Set Number 277