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Lifetime Exhibitions Index

Alfred Stieglitz Lifetime Exhibition: 1907, New York

The Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession at 291 Fifth Avenue, “Photo-Secession Exhibition of Members’ Work,” 18 November–30 December

Works Exhibited

77 From my Window, N.Y.
78 From my Window, Berlin
79 In the Grand Central Yards
Autochrome section
14 Dr. Fritz Raab
15 Mr. F. Eugene and Miss Raab
16 Sunlight Portrait
17 Autumn’s Approach
18 Portraits—Sunlight
19 Mr. Clarence H. White
20 Mr. Clarence H. White
21 Sunlight Portrait (with Clarence White)
22 Autumn Foliage (with Clarence White)
23 Portrait (with Clarence White)
24 The Gray Shanty (with Clarence White)

Select Reviews

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