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Concordance of Old–New Artist Names and Life Dates

Titles and/or dates changed since publication by the National Gallery of Art of Catalogue of the Italian Paintings (Washington, DC, 1979).

Old Name/Dates

New Name and/or Dates
Duccio di Boninsegna, active from 1278; died 1318/1319

c. 1250/1255–1318/1319

Paolo di Giovanni Fei, mentioned from 1369; died 1411  

c. 1335/1345–1411

Agnolo Gaddi, active 1369; died 1396

c. 1350–1396

Giotto, 1266/1267–1337

c. 1265–1337

Master of the Life of Saint John the Baptist,
active second quarter fourteenth century

Giovanni Baronzio, active c. 1320–1350

Jacopo di Cione, active 1368–1398

c. 1340–c. 1400? 

Pietro Lorenzetti,
active possibly 1306–late 1340s; probably died 1348

active 1306–1345

Lorenzo Monaco, 1370–1422/1424

c. 1370–c. 1425

Margaritone d’Arezzo, active second half thirteenth century

active second and third quarter thirteenth century

Martino di Bartolommeo, active 1384–1434
Martino di Bartolomeo, active 1393/1434
Master of the Franciscan Crucifixes,
active second half thirteenth century
active 1260s and 1270s


Master of Saint Francis, active second half thirteenth century

active third quarter thirteenth century

Nardo di Cione, active c. 1343; died 1365/1366

active from c. 1340; died 1365/1366

Paolo Veneziano, active 1333–1358

active 1333–1358

Puccio di Simone, active mid-fourteenth century

active from c. 1330–1360

Allegretto Nuzi, active from 1345; died 1373
active from c. 1340–died 1373


Simone Martini, c. 1284–1344

active from 1315; died 1344