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Image: Book Cover of "Aelbert Cuyp"

Aelbert Cuyp           

Edited by Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.
Published 2001
320 pages

Aelbert Cuyp was one of the foremost Dutch painters and draftsmen of the 17th century. His prolific artistic career spanned the years between 1640 and 1665, the golden age of Dutch painting, and his idyllic views of the Dutch countryside have entranced collectors and connoisseurs ever since. Although particularly renowned for his pastoral scenes, Cuyp also painted portraits, biblical scenes, and majestic views of Dutch harbors. He had an extraordinary ability to capture atmospheric conditions, from the glow of late afternoon sun to the brisk wind accompanying a sudden thunderstorm. This catalog reproduces 45 of Cuyp’s most distinguished paintings and 64 drawings, alongside more than 100 comparative illustrations. Essays by curators and scholars discuss Cuyp’s work in the context of his time, personal background, artistic development, patrons, use of costume, and techniques.

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