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Image: Book Cover of "The Art of the Pacific Islands"

The Art of the Pacific Islands

Peter Gathercole, Adrienne L. Kaeppler, and Douglas Newton
Published 1979
366 pages

In spite of the wealth it has to offer, the art of the Pacific Islands remains perhaps the least known of the world’s art to the modern audience. Throughout this mass of islands there existed hundreds of cultures, many of them sustained by only a few hundred people. The cultures developed into richly disparate modes with elaborate social systems and highly refined systems of intellectual and religious life. Most striking of all, however, is that these cultures created an extraordinary range of art styles to express and serve their beliefs. The aim of the exhibition this catalog accompanied was to highlight objects that were made before or collected at the earliest contact by Westerners, and which therefore reflect the most pristine state of the cultures. Many of the works included had never before been published or exhibited.

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