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Image: book cover of "Artists’ Pigments: A Handbook of Their History and Characteristics, Volume 1"

Artists’ Pigments: A Handbook of Their History and Characteristics, Volume 1

Robert L. Feller, editor
Published 1986
300 pages

This volume describes the history, characteristics, and scientific analysis of 10 pigments that have played a major role in the history of painting. The pigments included in this volume are Indian yellow; cobalt yellow; natural and synthetic barium sulfate; cadmium yellows, oranges, and reds; red lead and minium; green earth; zinc white; chrome yellow and other chromate pigments; lead antimonate yellow; and cochineal and kermes carmine. The monograph for each pigment is divided into six sections, describing the nomenclature and general character of the pigment; reviewing the history of its use; considering its color, permanence, compatibility, and painting and handling qualities; examining the pigment’s composition; analyzing technical methods and procedures to characterize and identify it; and citing notable occurrences of the pigment’s use by a particular artist or in a specific work.

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