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Image: book cover of "Artists’ Pigments: A Handbook of Their History and Characteristics, Volume 2"

Artists’ Pigments: A Handbook of Their History and Characteristics, Volume 2

Ashok Roy, editor
Published 1993
232 pages

This volume describes the history, characteristics, and scientific analysis of nine pigments that were originally discussed in articles published in Studies in Conservation between 1966 and 1974. The information in these articles was updated for this volume to reflect new developments in conservation and technical research. The pigments included are azurite and blue verditer; natural and artificial ultramarine blue; lead white; lead–tin yellow; smalt; verdigris and copper resinate; vermilion and cinnabar; malachite and green verditer; and calcium carbonate whites. The chapters describe the nomenclature and general composition of the pigment; review the history of its use; consider its color, permanence, compatibility, and painting and handling qualities; examine the pigment’s composition; analyze technical methods and procedures to characterize and identify it; and cite notable occurrences of the pigment’s use by a particular artist or in a specific work.

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