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Image: Book Cover of "Bellows: The Boxing Pictures"

Bellows: The Boxing Pictures

E. A. Carmean Jr., John Wilmerding, Linda Ayres, and Deborah Chotner
Published 1982
108 pages

This publication highlights a key work owned by the National Gallery of Art, the impressive canvas Both Members of This Club, and reappraises this summary image in the context of related works from the artist’s career. Bellows’s assertive boxing images were among his most popular pictures in his lifetime and have remained compelling for audiences to this day. Of all his subjects, this best embodies his respective talents as a passionate observer of sports and as a bold recorder of individual human figures. All of Bellows’s other boxing paintings are brought together here, as well as most of the known drawings and lithographs on this theme. Essays explore the works in each medium and view the boxing pictures within the context of American art. The chronology included makes readily clear the consistent popularity of Bellows’s work since his lifetime.

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