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Image: Book Cover of "Edvard Munch: Symbols and Images"

Edvard Munch: Symbols and Images

Introduction by Robert Rosenblum; essays by Arne Eggum, Reinhold Heller, Trygve Nergaard, Ragna Stang, Bente Torjusen, and Gerd Woll
Published 1978
274 pages

Munch’s reputation achieved international stature during his lifetime; however, in the United States many still associate him with a few singular, haunting images. This exhibition catalog provides viewers an opportunity to experience the full range of Munch’s genius, both in painting and also in graphic work, in which he was one of the virtuosos of his age. Essays examine the emergence of expressionism in northern Europe and explore the relationships that recent scholarship has shown to exist between expressionism and the stylistic imperatives of impressionism and the School of Paris. The catalog reexamines Munch as not only an artist who created a new tradition but also as an heir to existing 19th-century traditions. Many of the works included—on loan from 20 collections—had never before left Norway, where over 90 percent of Munch’s art remains.

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