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Image: Book Cover of "Lorenzo Lotto: Rediscovered Master of the Renaissance"

Lorenzo Lotto: Rediscovered Master of the Renaissance

David Alan Brown, Peter Humfrey, and Mauro Lucco, with contributions by Augusto Gentili, Rosamond Mack, Louisa Matthew, Adriano Prosperi, and Wendy Stedman Sheard
Published 1997
248 pages

A contemporary of Giorgione and Titian, Lorenzo Lotto is known for an idiosyncratic artistic vision that has had special appeal for 20th-century sensibilities. This book—which discusses Lotto’s life and work—explores the way his formal and iconographic experiments set him apart from the mainstream culture of his time. The volume describes and reproduces paintings in the genres in which Lotto excelled, including devotional images, altarpieces, portraits, and allegories. These are arranged in chronological order from his beginnings in Venice and Treviso through the brilliant work of his maturity, to the end of his long and restless career in a religious community on the Adriatic coast. The authors discuss not only Lotto’s biography and inspiration but also his mastery of allegory and portraiture, his supposed sympathy with the Protestant Reformation, the patrons of his altarpieces, and the so-called Lotto carpets.

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