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Image: Book Cover of "Paintings by Fitz Hugh Lane"

Paintings by Fitz Hugh Lane

John Wilmerding with contributions by Elizabeth Garrity Ellis, Franklin Kelly, Earl A. Powell III, and Erik A. R. Ronnberg Jr.
Published 1988
164 pages

This catalog accompanied the most comprehensive exhibition ever assembled of the paintings of Fitz Hugh Lane. Firmly established today as one of the masters of 19th-century American painting, Lane was unparalleled among his contemporaries in his ability to capture the character of maritime New England. Lane’s best paintings, with their calm order, serene light, and almost magical balance of elements, achieve a quiet, elegiac effect that can only be described as movingly poetic. Lane could still a moment of time with such flawless certainty as seemingly to fix it for all eternity. Sixty-one of his works from 27 collections are reproduced here. The catalog includes a chronology and essays on Lane’s views of Cape Ann, the Boston Harbor, and Mount Desert, as well as his depictions of vessels. A final essay examines his time in Maine with Frederic Edwin Church.

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