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Image: Book Cover of "Sweden: A Royal Treasury, 1550–1700"

Sweden: A Royal Treasury, 1550–1700

Michael Conforti and Guy Walton, editors
Published 1988
196 pages

Sweden: A Royal Treasury, 1550–1700 focuses on the glittering epoch when Sweden’s royal house acquired the splendid trappings that we have come to associate with Europe’s later Renaissance and baroque courts. These national treasures had never before been seen in the United States, and many of them had never traveled outside of Sweden. The timing of this exhibition coincided with the 350th anniversary of the founding of the first permanent Swedish settlement in the United States in 1638 near present-day Wilmington, Delaware. More than 100 precious objects—regalia, arms and armor, textiles and costumes, and other works associated with the royal family—were selected to illustrate the splendor that surrounded the monarchy at this time and to provide insights into the political and cultural history of Sweden.

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