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Image: Book Cover of "The Sculpture of India, 3000 BC–1300 AD"

The Sculpture of India, 3000 BC–1300 AD

Pramod Chandra
Published 1985
224 pages

The Sculpture of India assembles 100 works spanning four millennia in an effort to clarify and focus the achievements of India’s artistic tradition. The objects chosen range from the middle of the third millennium BC to approximately the 14th century AD, when vigorous foreign influence from Iran and central Asia imbued much of the Indian art that followed with a character that distinguished it, but did not divide it, from what had passed before. This catalog gives an impression of Indian sculpture on the whole, encompassing the rich diversity of idioms that flourished in the ancient regions of the country. In addition to selecting masterpieces that embody the essential elements of Indian sculpture, an effort has been made to identify and present hidden treasures chosen from a vast corpus of works scattered throughout India.

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