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Image: Book Cover of "The Whole Truth . . . and Other Myths: Retelling Ancient Tales"

The Whole Truth . . . and Other Myths: Retelling Ancient Tales

H. M. Hoover with commentaries by Carla McK. Brenner and William James Williams
Published 1996
88 pages

Myths have always been stories first, told and retold by each generation. This collection recounts Greek and Roman myths with invention and a distinctly modern twist. It brings master storyteller Helen Hoover together with some of the greatest masterpieces in the National Gallery of Art, which have their own stories to tell. Entries recount the myth associated with each work, provide information about the artist, and supply illustrations of related works. The paintings and sculptures examined include Claude Lorrain’s The Judgment of Paris, Titian’s Venus and Adonis, Paul Manship’s Diana and a Hound, Francesco Righetti’s Mercury, Odilon Redon’s Pandora, and others.

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