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The Gallery has many program areas in which donors may invest. Designating gifts to support specific programs, such as educational activities, scholarly research, conservation initiatives, a concert, lecture, or film series help further the Gallery’s mission.


Through its comprehensive educational initiatives, the Gallery reaches millions of people each year, bringing art into every community in the nation and to audiences worldwide. Art resources for students and educators are available free of charge, and interactive web programs are designed to encourage children to explore and enjoy art. In addition, guided tours of the collection and special exhibitions, highlight talks and lecture presentations take place every day.


Distinguished guest lecturers, including artists, critics, historians, collectors, and specialists come to the Gallery to share their experiences and knowledge in presentations free to the public.


During the spring and fall, music lovers are invited to free weekend concerts by the Gallery’s own orchestra or guest artists from all over the world. During the summer months, jazz concerts are held in the Sculpture Garden every Friday evening.


The Gallery offers a year-round program of film series, premieres, documentaries, experimental cinema, and ciné-concerts every weekend.