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Public Wi-Fi Internet Access at the Gallery

Who can use NGA Public Wi-Fi?
The NGA provides wireless internet service to any visitor who is at least 18 years old, or at least 13 years old with permission from his or her parent or guardian. The visitor must supply his or her own device to connect to NGA Public Wi-Fi.

Where is NGA Public Wi-Fi available?
NGA Public Wi-Fi is available throughout the Gallery.

How do I connect to NGA Public Wi-Fi?
The network name is “NGA_Public_WiFi.” Simply connect to that network; no password is needed. Users must, however, agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use in order to access NGA Public Wi-Fi. Note that the Terms and Conditions of Use may be changed by the NGA at its discretion.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Use for NGA Public Wi-Fi?
The National Gallery of Art ("NGA") provides to its visitors free wireless access to the internet ("NGA_Public_WiFi") in limited areas of the NGA during public hours subject to the following terms and conditions: 1) You are at least 18 years old, or at least 13 years old with permission from your parent or guardian to use NGA Public Wi-Fi; 2) You agree to access and use NGA Public Wi-Fi for personal, non-commercial, and lawful uses only; 3) Access is provided free of charge with no guarantees or warranties that the NGA Public Wi-Fi will function continuously or properly; 4) NGA Public Wi-Fi is provided at the discretion of the NGA; 5) You are responsible for protecting yourself and your data when using NGA Public Wi-Fi and 6) There is no expectation of privacy when using NGA Public Wi-Fi.

What is the download speed for NGA Public Wi-Fi?
Bandwidth for NGA Public Wi-Fi is limited, and the download speed varies depending on the number of users connected. Please respect the service limitations and refrain from using large amounts of bandwidth or downloading large data files such as movies, videos, or music.

Can the NGA help users who are having trouble connecting to NGA Public Wi-Fi or operating their equipment?
No. Gallery staff are not able to assist with troubleshooting.

Is NGA Public Wi-Fi a secure network?
The NGA makes no representations or warranties about the security of NGA Public Wi-Fi. Moreover, users should have no expectation of privacy when connected to NGA Public Wi-Fi.

Is using audio permitted?
As a courtesy to other visitors, please silence devices when using NGA Public Wi-Fi or wear headphones.

Does the NGA keep track of those who use NGA Public Wi-Fi or how long their sessions are?

Can the NGA turn off NGA Public Wi-Fi?
Yes. NGA Public Wi-Fi is a free service that the NGA may terminate at any time. The NGA also reserves the right to address violations of its Terms and Conditions of Use policy or misuse of NGA Public Wi-Fi.

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