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Shown from about the waist up, a woman with smooth white skin sits in a chair facing our right in front of a canvas on an easel in this vertical portrait. She leans onto her right elbow, which rests on the seat back. She turns her face to look at us, lips slightly parted. Her dress has a black bodice and a deep pink skirt and sleeves, and she wears a translucent white cap over her hair, which has been tightly pulled back. A stiff, white, plate-like ruff encircles her neck and reaches to her shoulders. She holds a paintbrush in her right hand and clutches about twenty brushes, a paint palette, and a rag in her left hand, at the bottom right of the canvas. The painting behind her shows a man wearing blue and playing a violin.

Judith Leyster

Self-Portrait, c. 1630

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