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Audio Stop 407

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We seem to hover over the greenish-blue surface of a river as it rushes towards a horseshoe-shaped waterfall that curves away from us in this horizontal landscape painting. The water is white and frothy right in front of us, where the shelf of the riverbed seems to change levels near the edge of the falls. Across from us, the water is also white where it falls over the edge. A thin, broken rainbow glints in the mist near the upper left corner of the painting and continues its arc farther down, between the falls. The horizon line is just over halfway up the composition. Plum-colored clouds sweep into the composition at the upper corners against a lavender purple sky. Tiny trees and a few buildings line the shoreline to the left and right in the deep distance.

Frederic Edwin Church

Niagara, 1857

West Building, Main Floor - Gallery 67

West Building Verbal Descriptions