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Peter Jones, Chester; Mr. Green; Basil L. Dighton, London; Hon. Irwin Boyle Laughlin, 1918, Washington, D.C.; his wife, Therese Iselin Laughlin, Washington, D.C., 1941; their daughter,Gertrude Laughlin Chanler, New York, 1958; gift to NGA, 2000.

Exhibition History
Eighteenth Century Drawings from the Collection of Mrs. Gertrude Laughlin Chanler, NGA, Washington, D.C., 1982, no. 2 (as Boucher).
Drawings and Prints from the Permanent Collection (Summer 2000), National Gallery of Art, Washington, 2000 (no catalogue).
Grasselli, Margaret Morgan. "A Drawing by Jean-Baptiste Nattier." Master Drawings 26 (1988): 356-357, pl. 41.
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