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lower left in image: HGoltzius inve. / Ao 89; across bottom in plate: Te velut in petra fundata Ecclesia Christi est, / Et celi potis es tu referare seras. / Nec stygie eripient unquam tibi Petre phalanges / Claues, ille femel quas Deus ipse dedit. / F. Estius.


(Helmut H. Rumbler, Frankfurt am Main); purchased 2000 by NGA.

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The Illustrated Bartsch. New York, 1978 - .
The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts, 1450-1700. (Jan Piet Filedt Kok and Marjolein Leesberg, authors). Rotterdam: Sound & Vision Interactive, 1996-, undescribed.