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Anonymous collection or dealer, Florence, sold c. 1780 to George Nassau Clavering-Cowper, 3rd Earl Cowper [1738-1789], Florence; by inheritance to George Augustus Clavering-Cowper, 4th Earl Cowper [d. 1799]; by inheritance to Peter Leopold Louis Francis Nassau Clavering-Cowper, 5th Earl Cowper [d. 1837], Panshanger, Hertford, England; by inheritance to George Augustus Frederick Cowper, 6th Earl Cowper [d. 1856], Panshanger; by inheritance to Francis Thomas De Grey Cowper, 7th Earl Cowper and 7th Baron Lucas [d. 1905], Panshanger and Wrest Park, Bedford, England; by inheritance to his widow, Katrine Cecilia Compton Cowper, Countess Cowper [d. 1913], Panshanger; by inheritance to Lady Ethel Desborough, granddaughter of the 6th Earl, Panshanger; sold 1913 to (Duveen Brothers, Inc., London, New York, and Paris); sold 1914 to Peter A.B. Widener, Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania; inheritance from Estate of Peter A.B. Widener by gift through power of appointment of Joseph E. Widener, Elkins Park; gift 1942 to NGA.

Exhibition History

Possibly Pictures of the Italian and Spanish Schools, British Institution, London, 1816, no. 32, as The Virgin and Infant Savior.
Possibly British Institution, London, 1841, no. 28, as Virgin and Child.
Art Treasures of the United Kingdom: Paintings by Ancient Masters, Art Treasures Palace, Manchester, 1857, no. 136.
Exhibition of Works by the Old Masters. Winter Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1881, no. 148.
A Collection of Pictures of the Umbrian School and Other Works of Art, Burlington Fine Arts Club, London, 1909, no. 37A.
National Loan Exhibition in Aid of National Gallery Funds, Grafton Galleries, London, 1909-1910, no. 70, repro.
Loan Exhibition of Important Early Italian Paintings in the Possession of Notable American Collectors, Duveen Brothers, New York, 1924, no. 6 (no. 21 in illustrated 1926 version of catalogue).
Raphael and America, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 1983, no. 63, repro.
Raffaelo e Urbino. La formazione giovanile e i rapporti con la città natale, Palazzo Ducale, Urbino, 2009, no. 42, repro.
Loan for display with permanent collection, Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, 2010-2011.
Raphael Confronts Raphael?, Worcester Art Museum, 2015, no catalogue.


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