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lower center in image: FRAN. BOL. IN. / G. ME.; by later hand, lower right in brown ink: ...Primatice... / (not deciphered) Ggrave par George Mantuan; by later hand, verso in graphite: G. Ghisi B. 37 iv 292 + 170


Cantacuzene (not in Lugt). (Pia Gallo, New York); purchased 2005 by NGA.

Bartsch, Adam. Le peintre graveur. 21 vols. Vienna, 1802-1821: Adam. Le peintre graveur. 21 vols. Vienna: J.V. Degen, 1802-1821.
Boorsch, Suzanne and Michal and R.E. Lewis. The Engravings of Giorgio Ghisi. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1985.
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