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along upper left edge of field: LAV . R . MED (Lorenzo de' Medici)[1]

Inscription Notes

[1] For a thorough analysis of the possible expansions of this abbreviation, see Ulrich Pannuti, in Carlo Gasparri, ed., Le gemme Farnese, Naples, 1994: 64.

Marks and Labels

Reverse bears former inventory numbers P [81] in black paint, partly illegible (Bode/Thieme 1897/1906), and 113 in white paint (Hainauer/Duveen 1908).


Oscar Hainauer [d. 1894], Berlin; his wife, Julie Hainauer, Berlin; acquired 1906 by (Duveen Brothers, Inc., London and New York); by exchange 21 October 1920 to Joseph E. Widener, Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania; gift 1942 to NGA.

Bode, Wilhelm von, ed. Die Sammlung Oscar Hainauer / The Collection of Oscar Hainauer. [bound as one volume, English and German pages interleaved in one page sequence] Berlin, 1897 and London, 1906: 96, no. 221 (plaquette no. 81), as Italian, after the antique, c. 1500.
A Cabinet of One Hundred & Thirty-Three Bronze Plaques and Medals of the Renaissance Period from the Collection of the Late Herr Oscar Hainauer of Berlin. Ed. Duveen Brothers. London, n.d. (but 1908): no. 113, repro.
Ricci, Seymour de. The Gustave Dreyfus Collection. Reliefs and Plaquettes. Oxford, 1931: 29, no. 24, variation no. 5.
Works of Art from the Widener Collection. Foreword by David Finley and John Walker. National Gallery of Art, Washington, 1942: 15.
Wixom, Wililam D. Renaissance Bronzes from Ohio Collections. Exh. cat. Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, 1975: nos. 25-26.
Rossi, Francesco. La collezione Mario Scaglia: placchette. 3 vols. Bergamo, 2011: 1:30, under Variante B, M.37; 31, under Variante D, C.40, as Roman, mid-fifteenth centur, and as part of the Hainauer Collection.
Flaten, Arne R. Medals and Plaquettes in the Ulrich Middeldorf Collection at the Indiana University Art Museum. Bloomington, 2012: 10 fig. 14.
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