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in image, at bottom left: Harmannus Muller. excud. / Amsterodamij.; in image, at centre: Carel Allard Excudit; in image, at right: Joannes Muller. fecit.; below image: Dùm flammâ patriam cernunt cecidisse voraci, / Extinctumque putant omne virile genus: / Largius en solito siffundunt pocla parenti / Lothiades, fallant quo simul arte senem. / Ô laudanda magis quàm condemnada voluptas, / Quae petit amplexus, prolis amore, pios!


Unidentified collection 'Lyn M' (not in Lugt) . Ruth Kainen, Washington, D.C. (not in Lugt); Gift to NGA, 2012.

Hollstein, F.W.H. et al. Dutch and Flemish etchings, engravings and woodcuts, ca. 1450-1700. Vols. I-XV, XVIII, XIX. Amsterdam: Menno Hertzberger: no. 10, iii/iv
The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts, 1450-1700. (The Muller Dynasty, Jan Piet Filedt Kok, author). Rotterdam: Sound & Vision Interactive, 1996-, no. 64, iv/iv
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