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by successive later hands on first free endpaper, upper right in pen: 80-54-14; in graphite: HS (underlined); center in graphite: see under: 1) Girtin, Thomas / +2) Holcroft, Thomas / +3) Leclerc, Sébastien; top line underlined: Girtin's Views of Paris / (1) 20 etchings by Girtin (proofs) / (2) 20 etchings by Girtin aquatinted by Lewis / plate 18b * (3) one etching in the 1st or 2nd state (of 3) which has been watercoloured - Andrew Robison believes watercolouring is by Girtin himself (plate 18b) / [also, plate 12 touched with "Chinese White"] / (underlined) BECKFORD'S COPY (Beckford sale item 425) / at end of this volume are views of Paris / from Holcroft's travels - a view of the Louvre / by Israel Silvestre was in the volume at one / time, and removed at a later date / purchased by AV from Andrew Robison who purchased it from Philip Hofer in 1980; on 2nd free endpaper upper right in graphite: Ba[t?]ner inv. 1825 / Binding / Fr. 1003.; in graphite on first tipped in page across top: This Sett of Proofs before letter is the only complete one existing / W. Girtin cand not make it [?] - But by having them as various [?] paper }cost 12 Guinias / for these are genuine Proofs not having been taken off for State / In the Book is also a proof of the building the [Louvre?] by the [Le Clerc?] - extremely rare cost 2 Guinias (pt received 7/75 / 12 views in Paris -from Holcroft proofs -L211- / Beckford sale no. 425; in purple pencil: This Book is from the Beckford Collection. / I bought it - July.14.23. from Colnaghi [?] / £ 30.0.0- /; in graphite: note / (underlined) By Theo Stephensen of Rimell's London / bought by P.H. perhaps in the late 1920s


William Beckford; (Colnaghi and Co., Ltd.), London; (James Rimell & Son, Ltd.), London, (Beckford sale, July 14, 1923, Lot 425); purchased by Philip Hofer [1898-1984], Cambridge, MA, (bookplate), late 1920s; purchased by Andrew Robison, Washington, D.C., 1980; purchased by Arthur and Charlotte Vershbow, Newton Centre, (bookplate); gift to NGA, 2012.

Loshak, David. The Art of Thomas Girtin. London: 1954, nos. 459-478.
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