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from upper right quadrant to lower left quadrant, top to bottom, in graphite: fellow critters: I'se ordered her to say / you must stop dat damn noice dare (from Melville, _Moby Dick_); I fear your sparkling darkness (from Genet, _The Blacks_); Goodness, / how dark it is (from Genet, _The Blacks_) ; we're black too (from Genet, _The Blacks_); You lie devil, you lie (from Miller, _The Crucible_); Haul ass, the black man is on the march! (from Mailer, _An American Dream_); I hate you for filling my black eyes with sweetness (from Genet, _The Blacks_); Come, if we must die / let us meet death the noblest way (from Behn, _Oroonoko_); The tragedy will lie in the color black (from Genet, _The Blacks_); in unknown hand, lower left in graphite: WP4 1, 2, 3, 4 514; in unknown hand, lower right verso in graphite: Wilson: Arise! WP4


Kathan Brown, San Francisco; gift to NGA, 2014

Associated Names
Brown, Kathan
Exhibition History
Yes, No, Maybe: Artists Working at Crown Point Press, National Gallery of Art, Washington, 2015, pl. 25.1
Brodie, Judith, and Adam Greenhalgh. Yes, No, Maybe: Artists Working at Crown Point Press. Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art, 2013, p. 114, pl. 25.1.
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