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printed vertical across left edge: Watkins Glen Scenery, S.G. & C.R.R.; vertical across right edge: By G.F. Gates, Syracuse, N.Y; on verso, printed on green label vertical right to left: The Best Are The Cheapest, / IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE ART OF / PHOTOGRAPHY. / IMPERIAL! BURNISHED STEREOSCOPIC GLEN VIEWS, / PHOTOGRAPHED BY, / GEO. G. GATES, Syracuse. N.Y / Published Expressly for and on sale ONLY AT / CHAS. E.M. TABER'S INDIAN STORE. / and Glen Bazaar (Situated at Glen Entrance) and Glen / Bridge Pavilion [at the Head of the Glen] / Watkins, N.Y. of / WATKINS, HAVANA, & ELDRIDGE GLEN VIEWS, / SUMMER AND WINTER SCENERY. / It will pay to CALL at / TABER'S Indian Store (at Glen Entrance) and at Glen Bridge Pavilion (at the head of the Glen) and look / over his Immense assortment of VIEWS, and / choice curiosities before purchasing Me- / mentoes and Presents for Friends. / Orders by Mail Promptly Filled and / Satisfaction Guaranteed / 1--Entrance Gorge--Looking In. / 2--Entrance Cascade. / 3--Entrance Gorge Looking out. / 4--Min-ne-ha-ha" Falls. / 5--Still Water Vista. / 6--Cavern Cascade and Long Stairs. / 7--Whirlwind Gorge. / 8--Canyon" / 9-- Mystic" / 10--Rocky Path. / 11--Mystic Gorge Looking down. / 12--Glen Cathedral. / 13--Cathedra Gorge. / 14--Matchless Scene. / 15--Rainbow Falls and Triple Cascades. / 16--Shadow Gorge. / 17--Narrow Pass. / 18--Spiral Gorge. / 19--Pluto Fall. / 20--Artist Dream. / 21--Pilgrims Rest. / 22--Iron R.R. Bridge and Hogs Back George. / 23--Glen Bridge Pavilion and Devils Punch Bowl. / 24--Watkins and Seneca Lake. / A full assortment of Views, via: Mauch Chunk. Au- / Sable Chasm. Niagara and all Principle Points of / Interest in American Always on hand.


Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro, New York; gift to NGA, 2012.