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in graphite, below image, lower left: Leonard Baskin; below image in black letterpress, lower left: Baskin del., lower right: Takahara sculpt.; lower center, in red letterpress: I’ the how-dumb-deid o’ the cauld hairst nicht / The warl’ like an eemis stane / Wags i’ the lift; / An’ my eerie memories fa’ / Like a yowdendrift. / Like a yowdendrift so’s I couldna read / The words cut oot i’ the stane / Had the fug o’ fame / An’ history’s hazelraw / No’ yirdit thaim.; in black letterpress, lower center: HUGH MACDIARMID / THE EEMIS STANE / In the very dead of the cold harvest night the world, like a loose tombstone, sways in the sky; and my awesome / memories fall like a down-drive of snow. Like a down-drive of snow so that I cannot read the words cut out on the / stone even if the moss of fame and the lichen of history had not overgrown them. / Five hundred copies printed at The Gehanna Press at Northampton, Massachusetts, April 1967.

Fern, Alan, and Judith O'Sullivan. The Complete Prints of Leonard Baskin: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1948-1983. Boston, MA: Little, Brown and Company, 1984, no. 730.