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center, on the red blanket: S.T.B; reverse, on the original canvas: Edn Landseer / Painted 1820[1]

Inscription Notes

[1] This information is according to a piece of canvas, now in NGA curatorial files, taken from the old lining. The full transcription of what is written on the piece of canvas is: This on the original Canvas / Edn Landseer / Painted 1820


Purchased 1820 from the artist by Jesse Watts Russell [1786-1875], Ilam Hall, Staffordshire;[1] (his estate sale, Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 3 July 1875, no. 29, as St. Bernard Dogs); (Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd., London);[2] sold 8 July 1875 to Richard Peacock [1820-1889], Gorton Hall, near Manchester;[3] (his estate sale, Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 4 May 1889, no. 65, as Alpine Mastiffs, not sold);[4] Richard Peacock estate; (sale, Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 26 March 1892, no. 118, as Alpine Mastiffs); Anderson;[5] Richard Peacock's son, Col. Ralph Peacock [1838-1928]; (his estate sale, Knight, Frank and Rutley, London, 31 October 1928, no. 67). (Wildenstein & Co., New York).[6] Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge [1882-1973], New Jersey;[7] (her estate sale, Sotheby Parke Bernet, New York, 5 December 1975, no. 54); Jonathan "Jack" Westervelt Warner [1917-2017], Tuscaloosa, Alabama; (sale, Sotheby's, New York, 4 June 1993, no. 61). private collection, Mexico City. (sale, Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 7 December 2017, no. 36); (The Matthiesen Gallery, London); purchased November 2019 by NGA.

Exhibition History
British Institution, London, 1820, no. 277.
Exhibition of Modern Works of Art, Birmingham Society of Artists, 1842, no. 250. [1]
Art Treasures of the United Kingdom: Paintings by Modern Masters, Art Treasures Palace, Manchester, 1857, no. 391, as The Dogs of St. Bernard.
Sir Edwin Landseer, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Tate Gallery, London, 1981-1982, no. 13, repro.
Exhibition History Notes

[1] This information is according to the 1993 and 2017 sale catalogues (see the painting's Provenance). However, no. 250 in the catalogue for the 1842 Birmingham Society of Artists exhibition of modern works is not the Landseer painting (it is instead a painting of William Schofield's daughters by J. Hill).

"Article XIII. Exhibition of the Works of British Artists placed in the Gallery of the British Institution, Pall Mall, for exhibition and sale; Article XXV. List of Pictures sold at the British Institution in the Exhibition of 1820, with the Names of the Purchasers etc. up to the 14th of April." Annals of the Fine Arts 5, no. 16 (1820): 153, 221.
Landseer, John. Some Account of the Dogs and of the Pass of the Great Saint Bernard; Intended to Accompany an Engraving after a Picture by Edwin Landseer, R.A. Elect, (In the Collection of Jesse Watts Russell, Esq.) of Alpine Mastiffs Extricating an Overwhelmed Traveller from the Snow. London, 1831.
Stephens, Frederic George. The Early Works of Sir Edwin Landseer. London, 1869: 39.
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Monkhouse, William Cosmo. The Works of Edwin Landseer. 2 vols. London, 1879: 2:38-39, 43 fig. 30 (sketch for the painting)..
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